Tips on Writing Songs and Develop Songwriting Skills

Who has a dream to be the greatest songwriter? Are you the one? You must be proud but still, need more hard work. Although it seems easy, write a song is not an easy job. You need to find the essential thing behind your songs and a deep meaning yet still be accepted for most listeners. That is why having a successful song is not an easy way. Despite that situation, you have to never give up on your dreams. Just do what you want to do and find the best way to develop your skills.

How to Start to Be A Songwriter

If it is the first time for you to start writing a song, so you just put your nervous away. You need to be more confident at first. At that stage, you will gain your power to write a masterpiece. If you still find a difficulty to write a song, so here some steps which might be helpful for beginning your dream as a songwriter:

  • Just Relax and Write The Lyrics

The first simple step you can do for writing a song is to write anything that crosses to your mind. It can be phrases, ideas, or even rhymes. Just start to write it down. The idea cannot come twice for your masterpiece artwork. You can try to free-write in 5 minutes. You need to write whatever nonstop in that 5 minutes by setting a timer. You can use this step to make you get used with writing song. Don’t push yourself too hard for finding an idea. Just let it flow and make yourself relax. It will turn out better.

  • Get the Melody and Structure of Song

After having the idea and lyrics, you need a melody. At this stage, you do not need to try with the complex instrument. Just get a simple instrument to build the melody first. After having the foundation, then you can complete it more. You can use your instruments or even try some software which has been available anywhere. This kind of software will help you to explore more instruments and get more melody.

  • Get an Advice

If you think that your song is ready, so you need help from others. Since the song that you made is not only for you, so you need more advice from others. You need to let others listen to your songs. You need to take some advice so that you can improve your writing.

How to Develop Songwriting Skills

If you have a bad review from your previous work, so don’t ever dare to stop. You need to develop more and more. The start will be difficult but it will be easier when you do not stop to develop. Here are some ways to let your skill develop:

  • Write Anything that Just Hit You

Getting used to writing anything in your mind is the good one. You can take free-writing in 5 minutes as your routine. In that way, you will be greater in writing some songs. You can borrow your notes or just record whatever comes cross to your mind. It will be easier for you to collect them into the best song.

  • Listen and Learn to Your Favorite Song

Get inspiration is the key. You cannot isolate yourself. You need also learn from others, like listening to songs regularly. You can learn how the songwriter crafts their song uniquely. Start to learn how to deliver the message through song but still be acceptable for the listener and even make it a hit. While listening to all of the genres of songs, you also need to play your instruments regularly.