How to Find Good Songs for Your Voice to Perform

Is there any event that makes you sing? Don’t worry, even you are not singing regularly or even you are not in the hobby of this thing, there are some ways to make you get the best performance. The key to singing is not only your skill in singing but also a perfect song that will be delivered. If you are not too confident with your voice, just choose the perfect song. In fact, every people has their own song. There are some songs which are good for you, but the others are not too good for your type of voice. So, your task now is finding the perfect song which is match perfectly with your voice.

Find the Perfect Songs for Your Voice

The easiest way to choose a song is by choosing your favorite song. However, you need to know that your favorite song is not always matched with your voice. So, here are some ways to choose the perfect song to sing which match with your voice:

  • Do Shower Test

Who does not like to sing in the shower? Don’t ever hesitate to try to sing in the shower. You can even record your voice while singing in the shower. Try to sing multiple songs, so that you can take it as options. Then, you need to compare the voice in your records and voice that you heard in the shower. Is there any difference? That’s not the point actually. You just need to choose a song that you sing perfectly among some of the songs that you have sung before.

  • Choose Song Based on the Range

If all of your favorite songs that you have sung in the shower are not the perfect one, so you can try to choose the song based on its range. Every song has its range. You can choose the high or low range. If you realize that you cannot reach a high pitch, so it is better to choose the song with a lower range. Then, you can also choose the melody. Is it the upbeat or melancholy one? You can even redo step 1 to check which better one is. On the other hand, you can also just record your voice in your room and check which song is more suitable for you.

  • Get the Comfortable Songs

The comfortable song means that you do not need to think while singing the song. The song that can make you relax to sing and hear it at the same time. It must be the perfect one since people also will enjoy your performance. Without any pressure, just chill the atmosphere with a song that you brought is the perfect combination.

If you want to perform, so you need to make sure that you are in good condition. You can do some practices but not to overdo it. Just relax and think that it is only the way you will deliver the song well. As long as you got the perfect song, everything will be perfectly fine and there will be no more trouble.