A Guidance for the Beginner Songwriter: How to Make a Professional Song

A song is one of the best arts exist in this world. It can help people to find their peace, help people to find small happiness, and even bring some people to be one. These powerful effects of the song must be as great as its melody. That is why to be a great songwriter is not such an easy job. There must be good inspiration, great sense and meaning and also spectacular melody. However, for you who want to try to be a great songwriter so you can start it now.

Step by Step to Turn Yourself to be A Song Writer Like a Pro

Although writing a song is something new for you, it cannot stop you to move forward. In fact, every songwriter has their own color to deliver the meaning of their songs. That is why you need to try more and more to write the best song. So, here are some steps that can be followed for you as a beginner songwriter:

  • Looking for An Inspiration

For the first thing that most people did is finding inspiration. Basically, you cannot do anything without having inspired. Inspiration can be anywhere and anything. For the easiest one is from your idol or favorite songs. The more you listen to various music, the more you get inspiration. Make sure that you listen to any kind of genre instead of listening only from one singer. It will block your ideas and imagination if you only listen to one genre, one singer or one songwriter.

On the other hand, you can also get inspiration from any occasion in your life. You can even take a walk around your environment and find something that you interested more. Just write whatever thing in your mind down. You can also record it to avoid loss idea.

  • Get the Software

If you already got inspiration and write the lyrics. It is time to create the real song of you. You might find the melody which is more suitable for your lyric. From the start, you might already get the genre that you want, so it will be easier to find the melody. For the best record, you need software. Although you can play it with instruments, as a professional songwriter you need some touch of other melodies.

You can find the best software which can be found mostly on the internet. Don’t forget to buy it legally so your song-making will run smoothly. Then, you need also follow the guidance and find a way to make it works. It will be a little bit hard for the first time, but you can get used easily for growing as a pro songwriter.

  • Build Your Library of Melody

If you already mastered the software and your instrument getting better, so you can try to make a library for your melody. Sometimes an idea comes irreplaceably, so you need to save them first and use it later. For instance, you are writing a pop song but suddenly R&B instrument comes across on your mind.

You might not use that melody now, but you will later. In that condition, you can just write it down and get the tune to save it later. Moreover, it will be also more advantageous for as if you need to mix some of the melodies. So, you just need to open up your library to find the best melody to match up.

  • Ask Friends for Critic

If your song is ready, so don’t forget to find advice. Remember that you write a song for others not only for yourself. That is why you need to ask others about your song. Just ask from your friends, other pro songwriter and many more.